The future of orthopaedic and CMF radiology is 3D printing. We bring the desktop 3D printers to the clinical practice.

3D Printing for Orthopaedics and Cranial Surgery

A 3D-printed anatomical model provides tactile information to surgeons, radiologists and trainees that cannot be inferred from a virtual model or image.

Accurate surgical planning, improved communication with the medical team and patient as well as reduction of the OR time decrease the risk for the patient and lower costs of operation.

We bring the 3D printer directly to clinicians. We provide a ‘Plug’n’Play’-solution to easily create a 3D-printable model from a CT scan together with the desktop 3D-printer.

Get in Touch Now, Start Printing Next Week

The current belief is that medical 3D printing requires hospitals to set up a dedicated “3D printing Lab” and hire biomedical engineers or to outsource 3D printing, which implies longer waiting times, bureaucracy, and additional costs.

While this might be the case for certain types of tissues, the case for orthopaedics and cranial surgery is substantially different. The image quality and contrast of bone tissue on CT scans is high enough enabling us to develop high-quality software that can directly be used by clinicians: fast, easy to use, and reliable.

For Orthopaedics

For CMF Surgeons

Added Value

Cost-efficient 3D Printing for Clinicians

We maximize the patient’s benefit by equipping clinicians such as surgeons and radiologists, as well as medical assistants with an optimal “plug’n’play” solution to start using 3D printing right away. We entirely bypass the financial and logistic hurdles to establish a 3D-printing lab or the bureaucratic and time-costly way through outsourcing.


We deliver Rhino3DMedical – our proprietary software to easily create 3D-printable models from a CT scan – together with a desktop 3D printer. We install software and printer at your hospital or medical cabinet, provide an introductory training session and make sure you are ready to print. Currently, our offer is only available in Switzerland in cooperation with our distribution partner 3D-EDU GmbH. We offer different bundled plug’n’play packages with 3D printers from Makerbot and Formlabs to ensure we cover all the needs of clnicians in terms of size of prints, materials, potential biocompatibility, and the possibility to create sterilizable 3D prints.

Disclaimer: Disclaimer: THIS VERSION OF Rhino3DMedical IS NOT CERTIFIED as a medical device for primary diagnosis. If you do use this software for scientific research, please give appropriate credit in publications.


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