Installation Guide

Step 1/2: Download and install Rhino 7 trial license

First check your system requirements for Rhino 7 for Windows.

Please access the following link and download and install Rhino 7. You’ll have to create a Rhino Account to download. You’ll receive a trial license key by e-mail, which you insert when opening Rhinoceros. The key is for evaluation purposes and valid for 90 days.

After installation, Rhino 7 will appear in your system.

Step 2/2: Download and install Rhino3DMedical trial license

To download Rhino3DMedical, you should accept the terms and conditions of our End-User License Agreement.

    Accept terms and conditions

    Please fill in the following registration form to receive your trial license of Rhino3DMedical. E-mail address is mandatory. The license is valid for 90 days.

    After installation, Rhino3DMedical will appear as a toolbar inside Rhino 7. You will be prompted to enter your Rhino3DMedical license key the first time that you use it inside Rhino 7.

    Rhino3DMedical Installation Guide video (it only covers step 2).

    Disclaimer: This version of Rhino3DMedical is not certified as a medical device for primary diagnosis. If you do use this software for scientific research, please give appropriate credit in publications.


    To uninstall Rhino3DMedical, close all Rhino applications. Go to Control Panel -> Uninstall a program and uninstall both Rhino 7 and Rhino3DMedical.

    Need help with the installation process?

    Please send us an e-mail to . We would be happy to assist you.