One Software: From Medical Images to CAD

A single streamlined workflow enables you to create manufacturable and 3D-printable designs directly from medical images. We provide powerful medical image analysis tools within a high-end CAD environment in an all-in-one workspace. You no longer need to import and export between different tools or switch software for the different steps in the workflow. With Rhino3DMedical you will improve your efficiency, save time and costs when creating biomedical CAD models such as implants and prostheses.

Your Benefits

Directly read and process all common medical image formats (DICOM, NIFTI, mhd). View, analyze, measure and annotate images, segment, extract, and repair meshes and enjoy the rich CAD modeling freedom directly within your 3D image space. Automate workflows through Rhino-Grasshopper or Python scripting for batch processing and repetitive tasks.

Cost-Efficient and Scalable Design Process

With Rhino3DMedical you significantly speed-up iterations between, measurement, annotation, design and positioning of a CAD model within an anatomical structure. You don’t need to deal with the hassle of format incompatibilities and through the integrated Rhino-python engine you can high-throughput your medical data and directly connect it to your FEM tool.



  • Read DICOM, NIFTI, MetaImage, NRRD, TIFF

  • Display and navigate through the slices
  • View the 3D volume
  • Set color look-up table
  • Adjust background color


  • Adjust contrast
  • Thresholding based on tissue intensities
  • Highlight and label regions
  • Draw directly on images
  • Annotate and measure


  • Intensity-based segmentation
  • Semi-automatic segmentation
  • Manual segmentation
  • Edge, surface, volume segmentation
  • 2D and 3D segmentation

Mesh Creation

  • Automatic mesh extraction
  • Mesh repairing
  • Hole filling

  • Smoothing
  • Materials, texture and rendering

Freeform Design

  • Organic surface modelling
  • Precision modelling
  • Latticing and structures
  • High-end rendering engine
  • Python-, batch-, Grasshopper scripting

Clear User Interface

  • Easy to learn and use
  • Powerful and customizable
  • Extendable through scripts and plugins
  • Based on Rhino3D
  • Vast documentation and tutorials


Hardware and Software Requirements: Rhino3DMedical is currently available for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.
Rhino3DMedical is currently developed for Rhino 7 and Rhino 6. Note that for Rhino 6 compatibility, version 6.31 or higher needs to be installed (6.30 and previous are not compatible with Rhino3DMedical). You can download a free trial of Rhino 6 from: There, the full version of Rhino for free is provided for 90 days. The requirements of Rhino 6 can be found here:

Disclaimer: THIS VERSION OF Rhino3DMedical IS NOT CERTIFIED as a medical device for primary diagnosis. If you do use this software for scientific research, please give appropriate credit in publications.

Getting Trial License Key

Please fill in the following registration form (e-mail address is mandatory) to receive your trial license of Rhino3DMedical. The license is valid for 90 days.

Downloading Rhino3DMedical Installer

You can download the Rhino3DMedical installer using the following link. Please, accept the end user license agreement before proceeding.

To download Rhino3DMedical, you should accept the terms and conditions of our End-User License Agreement.

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Installation: Upon download, the installer package of Rhino3DMedical will be downloaded to your computer. Close Rhino. Double-click on the file Rhino3DMedicalInstaller and it will automatically install Rhino3DMedical as a Rhino-plugin. Restart Rhino. When launching Rhino3DMedical, you will be asked to activate your license. Both online and offline activation is possible. Follow the instructions of the License Wizard.

Rhino3DMedical Installation Guide: video or pdf documentation

Uninstallation: To uninstall Rhino3DMedical, close all Rhino applications. Then, go to Control Panel>Uninstall a program and then find the Rhino3DMedical uninstaller on the list.


Getting Started

Here you can a find step-by-step guide on how to use Rhino3DMedical.